Aesthetic Injection Apprenticeship

A triple Board Certified Physician including Aesthetic Medicine Certification


A Triple Board Certified Physician Including Aesthetic Medicine Certification

Dr. Dahabra is proud to offer you this fantastic apprenticeship opportunity in Aesthetic injection in West Palm Beach, Florida Fl,  and Broward counties.
Our private apprenticeship program allows you to shadow and observe Dr. Dahabra working at our clinic. This exciting program gives new injectors expanded knowledge while also gaining experience in Medical Aesthetic Injection Training and Techniques.
This is not a didactic course, and Dr. Dahabra offers you a real-life experience of a functional and fast-paced med spa experience. You should already have enough medical aesthetic knowledge to get the best out of this shadowing.

This video is a sample of what the apprenticeship program might contain, a liquid nose job:

1. How many patients will I see during a typical day?

Dr. Dahabra injects around 20 to 30 patients a day.


2. What procedures will I see?

The typical ones are toxins and filler injections, of course. You have a high chance of seeing a thread lift, kybella injection, or any other aesthetic procedure.


3. I am interested in a particular procedure; how can I attend that one?

Dr. Dahabra is usually booked one or two weeks ahead of time. You can review the cases and select the day that best meets your needs.


4. Is this only a medical apprenticeship?

Dr. Dahabra will give you great tips throughout the day on becoming a successful injector on the medical and business side. His advice will save you tens of thousands of dollars, and he’ll teach you how to get the best prices from the distributors and how to save tens of thousands on equipment purchases in the future.


5. Will I be offered a job after the apprenticeship?

We are constantly expanding, and there is a good chance that we will be hiring part-time or full-time positions during your visit. You will be considered immediately for present or future posts.


6. How much will this apprenticeship cost?

It is only $500/day for now. The value you get from this is priceless. You’ll make your money back in no time by just learning the insider’s business tips and knowledge.


7. How many days are recommended?

Dr. Dahabra recommends that you shadow him for at least ten days.


8. Do these ten days have to be back to back?

Not really; you can attend back to back or select the days that would work for you.


9. Where are the training locations?

Dr. Dahabra’s clinics are in West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, and Coral Springs. All are in Florida, and you can shadow him in any of these branches.


10. What if a patient doesn’t want a student?

It is rare; if anything, it might be one out of the 20 patients that day. In case the procedure is the one you want to attend, then we’ll schedule you for that procedure another day.


11. Am I allowed to ask questions?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the patient’s care, privacy, and comfort. You will also have a 30 minutes chance at the end of the day to use either for injecting a volunteer you provide or to ask questions. Volunteers get 20% discount on their services.


12. So what do I get out of this?

You will achieve real-life clinical experience, tips on which software to use, products to purchase, and any other business questions you might have in mind.


13. Is this for a person trying to open their clinic or those who would like to work at a clinic?

This will work for both, and Dr. Dahabra will assist you in either of these choices.


14. What days does Dr. Dahabra work at the clinic?

Dr. Dahabra’s schedule differs from one week to another. The clinic is open Monday till Saturday, and you can pick any day/s that would work for you.


15. I still have more questions. Where should I address them?

Please email us at Dr. Dahabra will email you or give you a call to discuss any questions you might have.


16. I am an RN; can I attend the course and inject Botox?

Yes, you can.  The rules have changed recently. The board of nursing recently changed the wording about RNs injecting Botox under certain circumstances. Take a look at this

Although we are not lawyers, it is now possible for RNs to inject Botox under the direct supervision of a physician if they have sufficient training and experience. Ensure you provide your Florida license and picture ID on the first day of attendance.


17. How can I apply?

Please send us an email about you along with your CV. Talk to us about your goals, experience, certifications, and aesthetic knowledge. It is even better to attach a government-issued ID and your state license.


18. What is the cost again?

The cost is $500/day or $4500/10 days.


19. How can I pay for this?

You can pay by credit card or cash anytime before your start day.